Ggplot for data visualisation in Stencila Sheets


Here’s a short video tutorial/demonstration on using R ggplot package to visualise data in Stencila Sheets. We used Stencila Hub for making this video. The Hub will be available for wide use in a few weeks. We are right now testing it during user workshops and making improvements.

Watch this space!


Thanks for the video tutorial. The audio is great but is very hard to read the R code in the screen recording, see image below.

Even with the 720p HD quality of the video is still hard to read. For future videos, could you zoom in to make the font large? Thanks.


Thank you @rgaiacs and really sorry! I got carried away experimenting with video compression. As an intermittent solution I added the code in the video caption but I will re-record the video.

* library(tidyverse)
* ggplot(A2:M1001, mapping = aes(x = I, y = H)) +
    geom_point(alpha = 0.1, aes(color = F))