How to connect to Stencila running on Docker


Hello all,

I have the stencila/alpha Docker image running on an AWS Ubuntu 16.04 server and I’m trying to figure out how allow users to connect to it online (we wanted to show it to our French collaborators)… However, I only get the Stencila logo and the text"work in progress. dashboard coming soon!"). Should I be using a different docker? What am I doing wrong?

I also tried the appimage but couldn’t get that running at all - first it was missing some dependencies and after installing those it just silently failed to start. I also tried the stencila/cloud docker since, well, it says cloud in it :grinning: but that didn’t work out either. Any ideas?


Hi Salla!

Apologies for the trouble you had - things have changed quite a bit in the last few months and we a lot of the documentation needs to be updated. We actively working on that now.

Because things are in rapid development, the best way to demo the latest version of Stencila is via Each pull request that gets merged into the develop or master branch gets archived there. Those builds provide the core Javascript-based user interfaces for editing Articles and Sheets with some examples. They have in-browser execution contexts that support code cells in Mini or Javascript. e.g.

You only need the Docker image if you want have code cells in an language like R , Python or SQL. We have recently been refactoring and renaming the Docker images (to make the more modular and reproducible using Nix and to update the API for the execution contexts). You can run the latest Docker image stencila/core using

docker run -it -p 2100:2000 stencila/core

As you found out the Docker image doesn’t provide any user interface at the moment. But you can connect the running Docker container to the demo builds by appending &peers=http://localhost:2100 to the URL. e.g.

Don’t hesitate to let me know if you need further information.


Thanks Nokome, I now have a container running and connected to the latest example build!


@sallakarppinen: awesome, let me know if you need anything else. And Github issues always welcome :slight_smile: ! We’re thinking of creating two release channels for these builds and so that you can always go to either of those for the latest alpha and beta versions.