HOWTO: Making forum posts

Hi Everyone,

One of the neat benefits of this forum is that it is really simple to have rich discussions. Unlike the crappy old forums of the past, this forum doesn’t just let you put text in here, but also other elements such as images, videos, and formatting text in italic, bold, and more.

How to reply

Replying to a post is simple. First, ensure you have signed up with an account and then at the bottom of the topic you are reading you will see a Reply button. Click this to respond. You will then see an editor on the left and a preview of that text with formatting on the right, such as this:

You can use the toolbar above the editor to make your post look nice.

Toys you can play with

As you can see above, I added a heading ‘Toys you can play with’. You can add this by putting ‘#’ signs in front of text:

## Toys you can play with

You can also use the toolbar to format text in different ways. This will generate Markdown, which is a simple way of formatting text.

You can add bullet points by just putting asterisks at the beginning of the line. For example:

 * Bullet point 1
 * Bullet point 2


  • Bullet point 1
  • Bullet point 2

You can also add images by dragging them in here, such as this one:

You can also add YouTube videos by just pasting the link, and the forum adds a nice video viewer:

Also, if you post a Twitter link the forum also displays it nicely:

As you can see, all of this helps to facilitate really interesting and rich discussions. Of course, if you have any questions, let us know!


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