New Stencila Forum!

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the new Stencila forum. This is a place where the Stencila community will be forming. There are a few goals for this forum:

  • To provide a place where the community can meet each other, share interesting Stencila documents, and share tips tricks and best practice.
  • Ask questions how to use Stencila in different ways. Are you stuck trying to do something? Simple post to our Help category and we will try to help.
  • Share ideas for new features. This is simple, just comment under the Features for Sheets post this is a great way for the community to come together to brainstorm ideas.

Of course, this is a community, and as such it will change and evolve and grow over time. We want you to help us to shape this community to be as useful and as interesting as possible. If you have ideas for how we can do this, don’t hesitate in sharing!