New Stencila stickers!


Stencila stickers take 2! Want one? Become our beta tester!


Me :wave:

What do I need to do to sign up for beta testing?


Hello Tod!

Great to hear you are interested!
We’ve just done a pre-release of Stencila Desktop 0.28.2 and would appreciate any feedback. You can find the installation packages here:

The Python Stencila package (which enables the Python execution context) is also available: so you can try it out.

Out of the box, you should be able to use Mini and Javascript - the documentation should appear on the website within 24 hours (and we will keep updating it - sorry for inconvenience).

If you find bugs, best is to report them creating issues (1 issue per bug - don’t be afraid creating many issues) (it’s possible that some bugs are already reported there but maybe you can add a comment if you see them too).
You can also use this form for feedback. Including suggestions for new features and improvements. What would you like to see in Stencila?

If you want to play around, we have some examples here:

Many thanks!!