RFC: A new Stencila Desktop


We’ve been focusing on specification efforts and building new types of user interfaces (Manuscript + Sheet Editors) in the past months. See this video for an update:

However, things are now coming together and we are planning to release an all-new Stencila Desktop version in the coming weeks.

We want to start with a totally trimmed down editor application and add features according to requests from the community and after careful consideration.

This is the feature set we envision for the new Stencila Destkop:

  • Ability to open a Document Archive From Disk (prompted with a folder open dialog on application start)
  • Ability to save changes to disk (File -> Save or pressing CTRL+S)
  • Ability to create a new project (File -> New: prompted for location on first save)
  • Ability to use a command line tool to open documents $ stencila ~/my-docs/example-doc will bring up the editor.

Note, that there is no dashboard planned. We thought that focusing on independent tools first is a good way to go. Dashboards are already pretty opinionated, with regards to what information is captured and displayed and how your documents are stored. We don’t want to lock you into a platform and give you the full freedom over how you want to organise your documents. Dar archives are just a folder on your disk containing a bunch of XML and JSON files. You can use Git for versioning, share them via Dropbox or Google drive. Stencila Desktop will just be there to let you edit your reproducible research projects in a WYSIWYG way.

Is there any feature that would be crucial for your workflow? We are happy to discuss and consider integrating into one of the next releases.

Thank you!


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