Stencila Community Roadmap

##Hello friends of Stencila!

Welcome to the Stencila Community Roadmap - a place to update you on what’s coming up and how you can get involved. We will update this post as new events come up and features are shipped. We are hitting the road in Europe, the UK, and USA in the coming months. Join us for a user feedback session, connect with us at a conference, or grab a coffee with us in your city. Let’s get together!

Want a more technical roadmap? Checkout the README of the core stencila/stencila repo!

:bar_chart: Stencila features - what’s planned for when
:coffee: Meet us online, or for a coffee!
:handshake: Connect with us at a conference
:computer: User feedback - contact us to join a pilot group!


:bar_chart: Initial version of a refreshed Stencila Sheets with basic spreadsheet functionality (e.g enter data and formulas, insert rows, copy and paste). Stop by our Github repo to be an early tester, give us feedback, or contribute code!

:coffee: Contribute ideas and keep up with news at
:computer: We’ll be working on our user testing curriculum - try it and let us know what you think!

:bar_chart: We are on the road! Meet up with us to learn about using R, Python, SQL and Javascript in Stencila - and be on the lookout for integration with Jupyter kernels coming in November! If you aren’t a coder, Stencila can help you learn about the functionality of these languages as you work in your spreadsheet.

:coffee: Meet with Michael, Oliver, and Nokome during the Stencila Sprint in Linz, Austria, Oct 16-20
:handshake: Michael, Oliver, and Nokome will be at FORCE2017 in Berlin, Germany to talk about “Bridging the reproducibility gap” using “reproducible JATS”, Oct 24-26
:handshake: Nokome and Danielle will be at MozFest in London, UK, Oct 28-29
:computer: User testing with eLife, Cambridge, UK, Oct 30

:bar_chart: We are on the road to make spreadsheets fun again, and we love feedback - join us for a feedback session in your town. If we’re not hitting your town this time, we’ll be back in the spring so let us know if you want a visit!

:coffee: Nokome will be in New York City, USA, Nov 1-3
:computer: User feedback at ProPublica, New York, USA, Nov 2
:computer: User feedback at the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, New York, USA, Nov 3
:coffee: Nokome will be in Portland, USA, Nov 6-10
:handshake: Stencila at the OHSU Data Science Instiutte, Portland, USA, Nov 6
:computer: User feedback at the University of Oregon, Eugene, USA, Nov 7
:computer: User feedback at OHSU, Portland, OR, Nov 10
:handshake: Danielle will be at OpenCon in Berlin, Germany, Nov 11-13
:coffee: Nokome will be in San Francisco, USA, Nov 13-15
:computer: User feedback at UC Berkeley, Berkeley, USA, Nov 13
:coffee: Nokome will be in Los Angeles, USA, Nov 16-18
:computer: User feedback at NCEAS, Santa Barbara, USA, Nov 16
:computer: User feedback at UCLA, Los Angeles, USA, Nov 17

:bar_chart: As 2017 ends, we return to our homebases, synthesize the feedback you have given us, and start iterating and refining towards more user testing in early 2018.

:coffee: Catch up with us at
:computer: Planning the 2018 road trip - Talk to us about visiting your city!
:handshake: Conferences - Which conferences will you be attending? We’ve got some ideas, but do let us know where you’ll be in 2018.

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