Stencila Converter


We have been doing quite a lot of work around Stencila Converter recently.
The Converter is one of the key components enabling users to collaborate without having to give up their preferred editing format.

The Converter leverages the awesome power of Pandoc to convert between formats, including Journal Publishing Tag Set (JATS) that Stencila supports. Hamish Mackenzie contributed a JATS reader to Pandoc (included in 2.0.6 release) and Nokome Bentley improved the existing Pandoc JATS writer.

One of the decisions we have to make when polishing up the Converter is which Pandoc enhanced Markdown extensions to enable or disable. There is probably no silver bullet but we want the Converter to output documents in Markdown standard that suits most users.

We’d be keen to hear your opinions!
You can either comment under this post directly or file in an issue in the Stencila Comvert repository.


One vote for tex_math_dollars, so that we can use $ and $$, which is a widely supported syntax.


Thank you! I filed in an issue - please feel free to comment there as well.