Stencila in Santa Barbara, California

The National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) at the University of California Santa Barbara hosted us for our fifth design workshop on Stencila Sheets. Julia, Jamie and others on the NCEAS team have been leaders in promoting more reproducible research practices. They have a great paper that describes their own pathway to a more efficient and reproducible workflow which is definitely worth a read:

Given their strong interest in reproduciblilty, the NCEAS team were keen to find out more about the approach that Stencila is taking to promoting reproducible research. We had some good discussions on the pros and cons of spreadsheets in research, generated some great ideas during the “killer feature competition” and got some very useful feedback on our existing prototypes.

“Team Prompt” pitch their idea for marking cells with custom issues as a semantic alternative to adhoc formatting in spreadsheets.

Auto-detected tabular regions within a spreadhseet was the klller feature which “Team Detect” pitched.

Workshop slides are available here. Many thanks to Jamie Afflerbach for her fantastic help with organising the event!

Stay tuned for our full write up of all six workshops on the road trip including a synthesis of all the great ideas and feedback everyone gave us.