Stencila on the planet's third fastest supercomputer!

Today I went along to the Containers for High Performance Computing (HPC) workshop in Cambridge.

It was a hands on event using two technologies for containerization on HPC:

Piz Diant has had a recent upgrade and became the third fastest supercomputer on the planet. And with temporary access to a beast like that, it was hard to resist taking a “software selfie” and getting the bragging rights of running your own software on it. So, if you ever get the chance to use Shifter on a supercomputer…

# Allocate a node using the SLURM workload manager
salloc -N1 -C gpu --reservation=shifter-camb

# Load the shifter module
module load shifter

# Pull the Stencila Docker image for R using Shifter
shifterimg pull stencila/rho

# Run an interactive console in that image
srun --pty shifter --image stencila/rho bash

# We're now on the compute node inside 
# the stencila/rho container so run Stencila
Rscript -e "stencila:::run()"

Running on a single node without HTTP access is, of course, not much faster than on my laptop and pretty pointless. But hey, I got the selfie:

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This is awesome. It seems we need to have a competition for who can run Stencila on the most insane hardware - supercomputers, RaspPi style boards etc. :slight_smile:

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