Texture Alpha 3 is out!

Hi all!

I wanted to share with the Stencila community that we released Texture Alpha 3, an open source manuscript editor for the JATS-XML standard.

All details can be found in the introduction post:

This release is also relevant to Stencila, as we’re going to use Texture as a basis for the next version of the Stencila document editor. This will turn Stencila into a fully featured manuscript editor that outputs JATS-XML, a standard format that publishers use for the production of papers.

I’m looking forward to hear your comments/feedback on this.



Can you share a little more about what a manuscript editor is?

Hi Jono!

Texture is an editor for scientific manuscripts. This means it includes features such as adding figures (with label and caption) and bibliographic references. Texture allows citing with automatic label generation.

Please have a look at the online demo,


and introduction post get a sense of its features.